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When our friend Kaylyn Kakuska, the owner of Shop Lux Clothing in Riverside, CA asked us if we wanted to join her for a day of supporting boss babes at her launch party, we couldn’t help but say Heck YESSS girl!!! We had such a blast snapping photos of all these amazing women part of this event yesterday on Feb 23, 2019. We had an amazing team of vendors who came out and made this day so much fun for all of us. The Pop Shop made us an amazing backdrop and balloon display to capture all these fun photos. We hope you enjoy these just as much as we do!

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List Of Vendors

Event: Shop Lux Launch Party

Photobooth: Desert Luna Photobooths

Backdrop + Balloons: The Pop Shop

Floral Bar: The Foraged Fate

Coffee Cart: Arcade Coffee Roasters

Trailer: Dalton + Co

Paintings: Cacti Society

Acai Bowls: Bol Cupop

Champagne Wall: Events By Grace

Cookies: Morgie Porgie Puddn Pie

Baby Slings: Redding Baby

La Jolla Photo Booth Rental